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Equipment and Machinery

We have various automatic, semi-automatic and manual equipment for the creation of wiring.

We can automatically crim a vast series of terminals on reels, we can create semi-automatic crimping for pre-insulated and non-insulated ferrules, we can create flat and telephone cables with manual and/or pneumatic presses.

The marking of the single-core cables is carried out with a Wiedenback ink-jet marker.

We also have the necessary equipment to carry out tear tests on the terminals and print the test results.

Last arrived AM310 four Cutters, Strippers and Crimps. Automatic cutting, stripping and seaming machine that can be equipped with up to five stations. It was designed to be very flexible in the most varied types of cable processing with absolute precision. The machine is equipped with 2 twisting and tinning stations for wires soldered onto electronic boards.

We also have:

  • N°1 Wirmec AM 310 Quattro cutter, stripper and crimper;
  • N°1 Komax Gamma 333;
  • N°1 Komax Kappa 235;
  • N°1 GM3000 cut and stripper (max insulation diameter and conductor section 80mm2);
  • N°1 Wiedenbach WP407;
  • N° 1 Wiedenbach CS405;
  • N°10 Mecal TT presses;
  • N°1 Mecal P107 press;
  • N° 3 DMC Crimpers;
  • N°7 UNISTRIP 2015 wire stripper;
  • N° 3 ERREBI SP101 cutting machines;
  • N° 1 MGR Cut Tube Air cutting machine;
  • N°1 BERI.STRIP.IT electronic wire stripper;
  • N°1 Comtec CMT156 shielded cable brushing machine;
  • N°4 Comtec CMT156 bench seamers;
  • N°1 KMI KM 4000 dynamometer;

Other Departments...


We have two test benches that allow us to test the wiring with electronic cards specifically designed for this purpose.


We can identify all other types of wiring and equipment with different types of labels, which differ from each other both in size and type of material.


In our storage customers find a vast assortment of cables and conductors for connections and transmissions. Connectors and Terminals for any type of connection.

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